Ashford University Wk 5 School Improvement & Teacher Involvement Discussion

Need aid after a while my Social Science investigation - I’m studying for my rank.

our written vindication to this discourse responsive assesses your force to evaluate the role of teacher-leaders and teacher-researchers. This discourse to-boot supports your luck of Course Learning Outcome 3.

Initial Post: Post an judicious vindication that addresses the subjoined areas:

Read Phelps’ (2008) time titled ”Helping teachers grace guides." In this discourse forum, you achieve image upon your own commencement skills.

Choose one of these options (You can accord to twain and/or synthesize your thinking encircling twain concepts in appoint to further space your thinking):

  • Option A:According to Danielson’s framework (as cited in Phelps, 2008), what are the three areas of teacher-leaders’ wave? For each area, explain your commencement space. Which area do you see as your force and why? Which area is your weakest and why?
  • Option B:According to Lieberman and Miller (as cited in Phelps, 2008), what are the three main roles of teacher/educational guide? For each role, explain your own commencement space. Which role fits you the best and why? Which role is most strange to you and why?