Abraham Lincoln University Physical Exercise and Workout Plan

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You may accomplish this assignment etiher individually, in pairs, or in a order of three or past. Regardless of your dainty, everyone in your order must shape in twain assignments to Blackboard. Your chief work is to artifice a two-week workout artifice that incorporates the ideas ground in Chapter 6, specifically the FITT formula and the five levels of the affinity pyramid. Those are the three levels of cardiovascular workouts, muscle/opposition inoculation and flexibility inoculation. You must upload two finishs to admit liberal credit: In the chief dissect (this assignment), you must upload a MS Word finish that describes the workouts. For each workout you must comprise all the elements of the FITT formula: the calculate, concentration, period and expression. (See the appropriate dissects of Chapter 6.) For the opposition inoculation, you must comprise the use expression, the calculate of sets and the calculate or reps. (See the appropriate dissects of Chapter 10.)