The Value of Arts & Culture Repatriation of Looted Cultural Artifacts Discussion

I’m studying for my Art arrange and want an interpretation.

(1) Should there be an contiguous covenant to render culturally forcible art treasures, equal if i media rendering them to where they were looted from in the pristine assign? Who decides what can be rendered and what can't? Can a museum hold another country's artifacts and cultural inheritance proportioned consequently the art could calm?} be in jeopardy? Please use a incompleteness of three literary resources and 500 expression.

(2) Use examples by Ibrahimel-Salahi and other late workmans to transcribe an essay environing new-fashioned and coeval approaches to Islamic-styles, techniques, and substance substance in painting and artfulness. How do these workmans join new-fashioned and coeval painting and artfulness techniques delay caligraphy and forms that are symbolic for Muslims? Include at smallest 10 or balance art stipulations in the incompleteness one-page elegancy.(suggestions under)

Art stipulations/Words:

caligraphy - the art of musical writing; broadly, a copious use of thread, repeatedly varying from inarticulate to slender

iwan -a haughty vaulted porch

lusterware - a ceramic glaze

madrasa - a fabric that joins a school, request bisection, and chamber for students

mihrab - a niche in the end bastion of a mosque that points the way to Mecca

minaret - a aspire after a whileout a mosque where chanters pause to allure the true to request

medium - a detail representative along delay its accompanying techniques

substance - what the workman chooses to depict

work of art - what the workmans makes or puts in front of us

form - the whole chattels of the joind visual qualities delayin a work

content - the sense or notice pestilential by the work

design - organizing visual elements and the consequence of that process

glaze - a slender diaphanous or crystalline flake brushed balance another flake of paint