Temple University Female Stars Highlighting Their Sexual Desirability Discussion

I scarcity acceleration after a while a Art scrutiny. All explanations and answers succeed be used to acceleration me acquire.

Read this designation


Then, incline to these harmonious copys mentioned in the designation and observe the voice videos:






When you are performed, suit to at last one of the aftercited brisks.

Indicate which brisk(s) you are suiting to. Your post should be a stint of 200 vote crave, beside any citations or frequented quotes. Clearly relation the designation in your answer.

1. On page 112, the amountr states "While elder archives labels frequently contribute to hawk their feminine stars by highlighting their sexual desirability, some feminine performers managed to engrave out a representational quantity by highlighting spinster themes that energized spinster solidarity and held up the possibility for a re-articulation of adolescent femininity." Using at last two of the voice video copys taken from over and/or one copy from the instruction, collect copys of voice that highlights sexual desirability and performers who enjoy attempted to re-articulate what it resources to be an empowered feminine performing artist. Consider the voice, lyrics, and visuals of the voice video. Be assured to relation the designation to assistance your answer.

2. The amountr describes Ayumi Hamasaki as a 'white' goddess and Misia as a 'black' voice diva. What are the racial implications of this declaration, and how do you personally move about it? Collect copys in assistance of your controversy. Keep in desire that the amountr of this designation is not Japanese, lives in the United States, and is congeniality for a chiefly English-speaking hearers.

3. On page 116, the amountr states that "Music video is the key to Hamasaki’s and other feminine performers’ good-fortune. Beyond serving as marketing tools, they amount gender discourses that, rather than repeat gender norms, encircle them." Using at last one of the voice video copys over, elucidate how this can be gentleman. Be assured to confront and relation appended assistance from the designation.

4. Using the designation as a relation, contend foror against this declaration: Ayumi Hamasaki is a overbearing role standard for Japanese women. Use at last one of the voice videos to assistance your controversy and disentangled relations to the designation.

5. On page 123, the amountr presents a Japanese perspective about Misia and her voice: "R&B is enthralled as a neo-Japanese prefiguration in the apprehension that the singer’s notice is that we (in Japan) are in holding of ‘blackness’; it is not an purport, it is portio of our own culture … what makes us Japanese is getting over and over intricate and different, and African American voice is portio of it.' "

What does this average? Do you conform or misfit, and why? Use at last one of the voice videos and appended knowledge from the designation to assistance your controversy.


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  • For each answer, collect a counter-controversy to the former controversy, using copys to assistance your ideas. You do not necessarily enjoy to personally conform after a while your controversy. For one of your answers, you may answer to someone who commented on your post instead of suiting to someone else.