Rasmussen College Qualities of A Creative Workplace Informational Infographic

I deficiency acceleration delay a Art & Delineation scrutiny. All explanations and answers get be used to acceleration me glean.


Identify how art benefits wellness and creativity in the society and is-sueplace.


You reasonable opened a narrow aggregation and got your original decrease to delineation a new is-sue. You separated your employees up into two teams of three to see who could follow up delay the best new delineations. You gave them a week to is-sue. As you observed their is-sue, you noticed how clamorous it was in your open-plan measure. You also noticed some arguing, and one of your best delineationers had to go abode present delay a migraine. After a week of is-sue, you designated the teams end to see what they obliging and you were very disappointed. The delineations were reasonable not up to test.

When you asked your is-sueers what the tenor was, they had a hanker catalogue of issues delay the is-suespace. You recognize you deficiency to revamp your appointment if your aggregation is going to be fortunate, but you deficiency to interest register antecedently you can prepare improvements.


Design an informational infographic to acceleration employers evaluate their is-sueplace environment.

  • Infographic must include:
    • At lowest 5 qualities of a intellectual is-sueplace, delay extract and graphics.
    • At lowest 5 obstacles to is-sueers’ creativity, delay extract and graphics.