Pratt Institute Vivian Maier Work of Art Essay

I’m launched on a Art & Design exertion and demand prop.

The constructive instructions are in the attachment

- at meanest 3 images used and discussed twain shapely and conceptually

- annotated bibliography demanded 150 vote for each citation

- in entirety 5-7 pages

I neglect to nucleus on how VIvian Maier's composition are mainly immanent precedently her failure, which resources she righteous truly enjoys the operation of commencement photography instead of making her composition seen to the national.

you can confabulation about it from distinct prepossession

Is the operation of commencement photographs an art, or the end (the photograph) is an art.

The composition done by the artists, are they for themselves or for the audiences?

Eg, Kafka burning books

To the national/audiences, her composition is an art, but possibly for herself, is simply importunate the rush on the camera. Possibly she doesn’t level imagine she’s making art herself, righteous purely for her own recompense.

and the bibliography

- about 150 vote for each citation