Parsons the New School Vivienne Westwood Politics and Fashion Discussion

I’m established on a Art employment and scarcity prop.

The sight counterpart is a 2-3 page disquisition that understands: (1) A pensive reflection; (2) thought-provoking questions integrateed to how it integrates to the career symbolical as a whole; (3) how it integrates to your practicable developed scheme theme. Inquires must understand how the sight is viewed, curated, and lives in the digital representation

  • Be submitted in .doc, .pdf, or .ppt format
  • Be typed in a 11-12 sharp-end font (Times New Roman or Arial)
  • All images must enjoy suitable quotations or origin links. Use suitable quotation rules from The Chicago Manual of Style (when indispensable)

The sight I chose is :Vivienne Westwood: Politics and Way

sight link:

How it integrate to my developed scheme: I conquer so chose a theme about politics and art cultivation in way as courteous. Because I enjoy assent that way can alter the politics and other's assent.