NYU learning Html Design Discussion

I’m agoing on a Art drill and want maintenance.

Earlier in this road, you versed that HTML is a moderately ultimate vernacular. It has tags and the tags casually entertain attributes. Some of the tags generate new blocks on the browser window, approve <p> and <h1>, and some tags are inline elements, approve <strong>. Some tags entertain noncommunication tags approve <p></p> and some are headstrong noncommunication, approve <br>. That is environing it to the vernacular fair?

Well, not correspondently. Those are the basics and veritably all you want to apprehend to get agoing delay HTML, but there is a lot to the vernacular that is thrilling and that not everyone apprehends. This is a noble turn to go deeper and apprehend past environing it.

Go on the https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML and ascertain three thrilling tidbits environing HTML that you didn't apprehend precedently (YOU CAN FIND THE THREE THINGS IN THE ADVANCED TOPICS) and transcribe your third blog shaft environing what you versed. The third blog shaft should show over the cooperate blog shaft on your blog footing. Make assured you update twain the front page of the blog delay a teaser to the shaft as courteous as generate the separate page for the generous shaft.