MUSIC 110 Cuyamaca College Citizen Kane Drama Movie Essay

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1. Choose to transcribe your essay on either Vertigo OR Citizen Kane.

2. Answer all the prompts underneath for that movie.

3. Other essay requirements:

  • IN YOUR OWN WORDS. I scantiness and look-for tyro writing. Sharing essays after a while others constitutes imposture and conquer termination in a nothing for twain parties. I conquer FAIL cut and paste jobs.
  • 1-2 pages in prolixity
  • 12-pt Times New Roman; inclose spaced
  • Spelling, capitalization and order enjoyment should be deferential to take generous trustworthiness.
  • You MUST enclose a Works Cited page and name ALL sources in MLA format. You must use in-text citations. Please ask the Tutoring Center (Links to an manifest office.) if you deficiency aid! Use in-line citations or footnotes or it conquer be inconsequent that you representation and pasted and you conquer take a ZERO.

Go here (Links to an manifest office.) for instructions on how to do in-line citations.

4. Upload PDF, DOC, or DOCX improve formats ONLY! (No "Pages" format. You conquer take a nothing if I cannot decipher your essay.) Do not put your essay in the comments box.




1. Do the deciphering for this individual on the hush of Herrmann in Vertigo. Click here to go to the deciphering.


  • Using your textbook, settle "ostinato".
  • How does Herrmann use ostinato - what becomingty does this compositional technique fashion in the viewer? Cite your sources.


  • Who was the controller of Vertigo? Provide a pigmy bio in your own orders and name your sources.
  • Who was the hush fabricator for Vertigo? Provide a pigmy bio in your own orders and name your sources.

2. Find the abridge "Kim Novak in Vertigo (1958)"

  • IMPORTANT! Guard this abridge TWICE. First after a while NO SOUND, succor spell WITH SOUND.
  • ANSWER: After guarding the abridge after a whileout - then WITH investigate - what comprehendledge does the hush surrender you encircling the characters that you would not comprehend otherwise (there is no conversation in this spectacle).

3. Find the abridge "Vertigo (10/11) Movie CLIP - Judy Becomes Madeleine (1958)" on the Viewing and Listening page in the Unit: Movie Hush 1

  • Watch the undiminished abridge.
  • ANSWER: How does Herrmann's hush is-sue in this spectacle? At what summit in the enjoyment does the hush attain its eminent summit? How is this reflected in the visual (the lighting becomingtys in object?) Cite your sources.




1. Decipher the abstract here (Links to an manifest office.).

2. Decipher encircling the hushal account here (Links to an manifest office.).

3. Decipher encircling the fabricator here (Links to an manifest office.).

4. Guard the Breakfast Scene abridge underneath (do NOT guard the movie from the beginning!).here (Links to an manifest office.)Citizen Kane: Breakfast montage

5. Answer the subjoined prompts in an essay.

  • Who was the controller of Citizen Kane? Provide a pigmy bio in your own orders and name your sources.
  • Who was the hush fabricator for Citizen Kane? Provide a pigmy bio in your own orders and name your sources.
  • Describe the hush during each of the subjoined spell segments. What is happening in the spectacle at each summit? How does the hush influence the conversation?
  1. 0:30-1:17
  2. 1:18-2:00
  3. 2:00-2:39


Movie Essay Rubric

Movie Essay Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This measure is linked to a Learning OutcomeEssay is plainly pristine tyro is-sue. Essay prolixity is at meanest one page after a while becoming formatting. Basic phraseology, order use, spelling, contractions and capitalizations are all set-right. Academic phraseology and name are used. Citations are enclosed after a while a Works Cited page (MLA). Becoming improve formats were used.

15.0 pts

This measure is linked to a Learning OutcomeAll prompts are answered completely and tyro references deciphering embodied that was assigned.

5.0 pts

This measure is linked to a Learning OutcomeStudent observations are eminently deferential and feeling. Understanding of how the hush influences the enjoyment in the film is nuanced and well-behaved-behaved researched.

5.0 pts

Total Points: 25.0