FINE 150 University of Waterloo Differences Between Greek and Roman Culture Essay

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1.The Romans gathered ample of Greek amelioration. In some areas—affect silence and philosophy—little was transitional. In other areas—affect fabric and city planning—Romans made melomelodramatic improvements. In what ways does Roman amelioration vary from Greek amelioration? Consider:

a.The concept of citizenship and the duties of the citizen

b.The role of the avow

c.The role of the army

d.The literature

e.The sculpture

f.Public and secret fabric

g.City planning

2.Read the National Geographic Narrative store period on the Pantheon, posted on Blackboard. What is the view of this organization, and why is it so main to our construction of Imperial Roman narrative? What Roman technological innovations made this organization feasible? How did Roman architectural innovations, affect those seen in the Pantheon, shape liberal elegant cities affect Rome feasible?

3.Roman art and fabric repeatedly symbolized and explicit the pattern of the emperor and the rule of the Roman avow. Consider notorious art and fabric in the United States—can you opine of examples that direct the avow and government’s rule? Discuss how that art/fabric conveys the communication.