ARTH 3020 Assam University Famous Paleolithic Cave Paintings Discussion

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Assessment Description

Students should select from inventory of disdirection subject-matters to perpend raise and distribute after a while direction participants.Students should attribute their assistance on the SCD eLearning gateway by the involved deadline. The collection’s assistance should not be from direction representative. All collection members should share in the discourse.

This assignment allows students to investigate Nursing Dissertation material raise for past in-depth examine. The mind of the assignment is to augment research skills and power to critically excite and digest information.

Topics: Paleolithic, Neolithic, Mesolithic, Lascaux Caves, Stonehenge, Çatal Hüyük


The Online Disdirection should understand

1. A summary of important characteristics of the subject-matter assigned in a serene


2. Discussions should be 300- 350 words.

3. One regard per collection member