ART 45A Abbott Academy of Cosmetology Arts Making a Snail Tree Presentation

I don’t know this Art investigation and insufficiency aid to con-over.

The video's encircling art are

1. This is not a Chair

2. What is Art?

Write down your reflections on the ideas that you experience sensational in these video's.

Are thither thought's hither that are new to you? Idea's encircling art that you conform delay

or disconform delay?



Students conciliate ponder essence and build a carved-art from build representatives.


1. Research the achievement of Andy Goldsworthy.

2. Ponder the probability.

3. Experience a representative that you can learn. Make firm that you get celebrity that is

easy to learn a lot of... sticks, stones, leaves, flowers etc.

4. Think of a contrivance that you can cause delay the representatives that you possess literary.

5. Document your achievement as you go. Write encircling your process and the way you approached your contrivance.

Reflect on how the achievement went for you. Stuggles or things literary.

6. Cause a PowerPoint, Using your photographs and or video,