ART 101 LAVC Specific Observations Observing the Reindeer or Mammoth Discussion

I’m accumulate on a Art investigation and insufficiency an explication.

Observing the Reindeer or Mammoth

4-6 sentences

Time to usage making local notices of an object! Use the notes you made occasion lection the conclusive individualitys.

Because we are exact getting used to working conjointly, these instructions are desire, but you do insufficiency to recognize them. All of them

I've replied to this column various durations past, each duration delay a unanalogous photograph of the Swimming Reindeer or the Mammoth. What I omission you to do is cull one photograph in which you can obviously see what MacGregor was pointing out about one of the sculptures.

Reply to that columning, quoting MacGregor (or one of his guests), and clear-up where you see what he's pointing out.

Imagine that someone said to you, "I don't get it. Where does he meditate that is discernible?" Clear-up to that unreal individual exact where you see it. You'll insufficiency to be local. "The way it's carved" is not local. "Sharp cuts on the head" is local.

That's it! I'm search for one notice, of one photograph (or, replying to a classmate who has columned in the extra merit individuality as the very depth, an notice clarifying what Harris and Zucker were pointing out.)

The challenges are these:

  1. You enjoy to use your suffrage. Gain unmistakefficacious someone lection what you transcribe can state exactly what you are referring to.
  2. Don't rehearse what someone else has severe out. That media you insufficiency to recognize what's been columned antecedently you. You faculty be efficacious to add to what another ward wrote, but don't gain the selfselfsame notice.
  3. Stick to what I'm search you to do--comparing what MacGregor and his guests say to what you see. I'm not search for a narration on Paleolithic art, or everything else you faculty experience on the web. This comes from you.

Be regardful to meet to the embezzle column below--not to this one. This preparatory column is exact for my instructions.


replying to the represent uploaded

Fig. 1. Swimming Reindeer, fair cause, from slightly above