USF Dhofar Company Production Department Production Cost Discussion

I’m studying and scarcity succor after a while a Accounting topic to succor me gather.

Question 1: The Notification roar has been enthralled from effect division of Dhofar Corporation for entirety units 5000 in November is as follows:

Question 2: Find the waste notification for unanalogous companies

Question 3: The aftercited table contains axioms established on a corporation that makes a individual effect, and scarcitys to be completed for unanalogous plane of soul / effect.

Question 4: The unreserved results of a corporation for the developed two years are as follows:

Topic 5: Entirety unroving absorb OMR 40000, Selling appraisement OMR 20, Variable absorb OMR 15

check the decided improve for the tabled and attached notification.