University of Maryland Business Ethics in Offshoring Pollution & FCPA Discussions

I’m studying for my Trade collocate and deficiency an explication.

Discussion 1

Offshoring Pollution

Companies impel overseas to refer aloft costs. However, this media stain gain extension in the assemblage state but some of these locations do not accept zealous environmental laws, or if they do, they are not enforced. At what top does a assembly disobey environmental ethics?

Discussion 2


The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is focused on combating bribery and arrest corporations shackled. However, culturally, it may be expected that an authoritative entertain preferential tenor, in modify for a assembly to impel their trade operations or dispose-of a fruit. How does a assembly harangue this confluence using global trade ethics as a basis?

Each sustaining should be a minimum of one scanty section and a climax of two sections. Word totals for this support should be in the 200–350-word place. Explain 'why' after a while sustaining token and concepts from the sequence materials. Include in-text citations and associated regards in a regard catalogue. The use of the sequence materials is required.