University of Jaffna Sri Lanka Types of Rewards Salespeople Earn Essay Questions

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!!ESSAY form topics. Answer each one carefully, do not delineation and paste an answer!!! 250 control minimum!

  1. Question 1What are the two forms of rewards that salespeople can acquire? Give an illustration of each.

  2. Question 2What is a decree of ethics? Represent the two forms of decrees of ethics.

  3. Question 3List and little illustrate the three levels of listening.

  4. Question 4According to the citation, when setting sales persuade objectives, the salesperson should reckon SMART. What do the lore in this acronym teaching the salesperson to do? List and represent them.

  5. Question 5List and little represent the lewd declaration approaches frequently used by salespeople.

  6. Question 6Give at meanest 3 illustrations each, of serviceable and metaphysical objections.

  7. Question 7What should the Golden Rule salesperson do when it is patent that a work is not what the buyer veritably needs?