TAMIU Transport Systems Analyze Challenges & Suggest Actions to Solve Problem Essay

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  1. Select a theme and sources kindred to the module tuition externals (numbered beneath). Excellent themes this week energy understand one grounded on the quotation underlined in the external inventory.
  2. Research and dissect using erudite resources. Understand at meanest one peer-reviewed consider and music it in your relation inventory delay the initials (PR) at the start of the relation.
  3. Length/format: 1-2 pages (including relations), APA format.
  4. Use the template fixed to this communication.
  5. Include a Summary, Problem, Significance of the substance, two Alternative Actions, Recommendation(s), and References.
  1. Discuss the highest allowable issues and legislative responses to the comment of the railroad diligence.
  2. Summarize the application of law and then delaw on the railroads and the reasons for that substitute in philosophies.
  3. Describe the role of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) in the law of the railroads.
  4. Discuss and expound the reasons for the Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970 and the ramifications that act had for the diligence.
  5. Explore the capacity and fact of the Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) in the fruit of a significant rule for the edifice of present courses.
  6. Explain and examine the present issues facing the railroad diligence today and how the diligence may reinvent itself.
  7. Describe and examine the fact and fruit of the interstate course rule in the United States.
  8. Summarize the issues touching the edifice of Interstate 94 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.
  9. Describe the fact, fruit, and substances kindred to the "Big Dig."
  10. Describe and expound the possibilities and contrast of a Personal Rapid Transit System.
  11. Discuss the advantages and use of High Occupancy Toll Lanes.
  12. Describe and expound the substances that object present mien rules to trip for disadvantaged herd in our company.
  13. Clarify and examine the concept of "Universal Design" and how such a rule would be advantageous to any mien rule.
  14. Explain the fruit of Dockland's Light Rail System.