Stanford University Walt Disney World Cast Member Proposal Comment Questions

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    • Is the explanation countingly presented? Why or why not?
    • Are sources integrated into the scheme? Do they supervene APA format? Are they counting? Why or why not?
    • How could the constructor amend the Nursing essay? Please manageer at balanceest two divorceicularized insinuateions.
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To: Dan Wilkes, Resort Quality Rooms Manager

CC: Douglas Smith, Concord Treasury Steward

Robin Johnson, Resort Operations Open Manager

From: Front Office Avail Advisor

Date: July 10, 2020

Subject: Desire to Peruse Learning on Year-by-year Employee Evaluations

I affect fast my scheme to begin guideing year-by-year evaluations for each Walt Disney World Aspect Member. It has ensueing to the attentions of myself, and others, that there are some divorcener Aspect Members who may not be fit for their role any past. Acknowledging that these roles are Unionized, we comprehend that we produce-environing endeavor peacely ensueing a opportunity concord treasury stewards, to reject any accident of permutation in concur. These evaluations produce-environing be performed by managers to aid set guidelines and see what avail hallucinations are occurring (Paes de Faria (2020).

I affect worked for the Walt Disney World Aggregation in a few roles aggravate the definite three years and I affect been a impressionor for as hanker as I can recollect. During this date, I affect noticed the stagnation of ardor some Aspect holds is present in full role. In arrange to reject this peculiarity in the Cast, the aggregation should inauguadmonish ensueing a opportunity year-by-year evaluations. By examining floating Aspect Members in each role, the aggregation is ensuring the impressionors they are receiving the elevatedest impressionor avail.

I am interested in hearing your feedtail and produce-environing supervene up ensueing a opportunity you on Monday, July, 20, 2020. Please affect munificent to touch me ensueing a opportunity any concerns or interrogations by phone.


A Scheme Prepared for

Dan Wilkes, Resort Quality Rooms Manager

The Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks

Prepared by

Front Office Avail Advisor

The Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks

July 10, 2020


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY……………………………………………………………………X










The notion of having year-by-year evaluations of Aspect Members arranges the Walt Disney World Aggregation ensueing a opportunity the demonstration that they are providing the elevatedest visitor avail to all impressionors. Aggravate the years, Aspect Members manage to “lose the Magic” or ardor they unintermittently had for their roe when they earliest started. Currently the aggregation has these Aspect Members peaceful in their role, miserservicepowerful and consequently of this, they are not providing the impressionor ensueing a opportunity the Magical Experience that is expected when impressioning Walt Disney World. By Conducting these evaluations, the aggregation produce-environing be eliminating that indirect possibility, and instead, fashion a feasible once-in-a-lifedate reminiscence.

These evaluations can so be salubrious to see how the supervisors are doing as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved. Evaluation the endeavor and peculiaritys of a Aspect Portion cogitates the way the supervisors are guideing their own endeavor as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved. So by evaluating the Cast Member, you are so evaluating the supervisors (Frederiksen, Lange, &Kriechel, 2020). This fashions a platform for the aggregation to befollowing prolific in the evaluation system. In the fresh months of Disney nature confine down, date administration and maximizing receipts affect befollowing very-greatly perceptive in the aggregation. By nature laborservicepowerful to behold not solely one Aspect Member, but see how they evaluate their peers is past prolific for the aggregation.

In this scheme I produce-environing be sift-canvassing the benefits of year-by-year evaluations and how these produce-environing development impressionor satisfaction ahanker ensueing a opportunity Aspect Portion courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-conducted. I price that by confronting following a opportunity each Aspect Portion and creating a impregnpowerful immeasurableness, the aggregation produce-environing be giving the Aspect Members a way to either amend bad behavior they affect created aggravate the years or substantiate they want to be in another role. Again this produce-environing huge a rectify locate to endeavor and a rectify locate to holiday. Yfuture evaluations produce-environing be the easiest and impregnablest way to endeavor ensueing a opportunity the concord to amend any aspecting hallucinations.


Yearly evaluations are salubrious to catholic companies apverify Walt Disney World consequently it fashions an quiet way to instructor all of the Aspect Members. The performance endeavor of a Aspect Portion contributes to the Aggregation as the year’s advancement (Goler et al., 2016). This indicates that the endeavor a Cast Portion puts in, cogitates that of the aggregation. If the Aspect Portion is in-truth blithesome ensueing a opportunity where they are located it produce-environing fashion a blithesome endeavor locate and in Disney’s condition, fashion a Magical locate to impression, but on the contrary, if the Aspect Portion is not blithesome and is not doing their job or proper the pauseriction requirements, they are not creating this. That is why it is august to affect year-by-year evaluations of Aspect Members.


Since fresh events, the comfort and tourism toil has been indisposition. Walt Disney World and all of the aggregation’s’ other parks and resorts affect been financially parceled. Now that things are begining to unreserved up, The Walt Disney World Aggregation should chiefize on this, opportunity so trying to convergence on the most prolific ways to fashion Magic intermittently. Due to the phased unreserveding, now is the best date to try these evaluations out consequently ensueing a opportunity hither aspect portions at-liberty the properties, we can fashion and use this date to begin trivial.

There is a title now, past than continually, to go to Walt Disney World and they conclude nature, populace scantiness to affect that “Magic” intermittently. In arrange to do this, it is piercing that the aggregation fashions infallible that the most fit Aspect Members are in the amend role. As comfort endeavorers, we are expected to be laborservicepowerful to multitask, twain visible and intellectual tasks that can be irksome, all the opportunity peaceful maintaining the aggregation’s models (Johnson &Woods, 2008). Just as the toil is changing forever, so do Aspect Members, one that was aspected for a role a few years ago, may affect out confirmed it by now. This is why the evaluations are so august.


Proving that these evaluations are merit it, a examine was performed ensueing a opportunity 300 employees of a aggregation. They were asked whether or not the aggregation should get rid of the evaluations. The outfollowing was the 87% desireed to conceal the evaluations (Goler et al., 2016). These evaluations not solely avail the aggregation, but they so avail the Aspect Member. Jokinen (2017) elaborates on the aggravateture that those who are evaluated and erraticly trying to amend their skills normal on the evaluations feedback, verify to be past auspicious. These Aspect Members are the ones that get the promotions or the past implicated jobs (Jokinen, 2017). Past these promotions would be going to elevated adjusted Aspect Members, this is so ensuring the aggregation is spending their strive hire in the best way (Goler, 2016). Job advancements repeatedly ensueing ensueing a opportunity a monetary advancement, and this acts as an spur for Aspect Members to ensue these evaluations seriously. This could be in the concords cheerful-will, too, consequently these evaluations would act as resistant indication of why infallible Aspect Members are getting advancements and other are not (Goler, 2016).

(I conceive this is where the graph produce-environing go)

By creating this forum for twain the Aspect Portion and administration, the aggregation is illusioning that it preservations for the courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behavednature of the fullone and wants to see them excel. These evaluations produce-environing so arrange a immeasurableness for the Aspect Portion to portion-out any thoughts or concerns they affect environing management, divorcener Aspect Members, or supervisors. I price these evaluations are salubrious to the aggregation, consequently it produce-environing aid potentially rescue coin, by giving advancements to those that in-truth deserve it, and by ensuring that the aggregation is providing the best customer avail be guaranteeing the most adjusted employees are on the front line.

This produce-environing be a confronting unordered the Aspect Member, a one or two Leaders, a Proprietor, and a Concord Treasury Steward. In this confronting, the treasury steward produce-environing be there to fashion secure that trifle is violating the Contract. This fashions a impregnpowerful immeasurableness for the Aspect Portion to perceive that they are nature denoteed and protected by the concord. It so leaves immeasurableness for the Leaders to present constructive stricture or laud. By allowing the Leaders to address concerns or areas that might want improvement, it so avows for the Aspect Members to sift-canvass their own concerns. These confrontings produce-environing ensue held ensueing a opportunityin the week of each Cast Members’ year-by-year anniversary, this way it is all circutardy out and presents date for each Leader, Proprietor, and Concord Steward to appoint their calendars. This produce-environing so fashion a past relaxed affect, and not a stressful confronting, consequently ti produce-environing be intended.


Allowing each Aspect Portion date to cogitate and amend the behavior made, it unreserveds the aggregation to an aggravateturel endeavor environment. If a aggregation illusions they in-truth preservation for you, the employee produce-environing be past approvely to follow and arrange palliable customer avail. “…a huge negotiate of learning is

currently portico locate in arrange to comprehend why some populace are happier than others and so to

find ways in which to fashion populace happier” (Naude et. al, 2016, p. 2). When Cast Members follow motivated, the outfollowing of the endeavor is positively manufactured sense the impressionor is receiving the best customer avail. This creates a win-win relation unordered the impressionor and the Aspect Member. The impressionor leaves blithesome, and the Aspect Portion is satisfied perceiveing they provided the arbitrary best avail they could.


** I am peaceful doing learning, so I would apverify to add the concnlusion at the end unintermittently fullthing is all performed and I can skin of recap what was said. **


Ana C. C. Paes Paes de Faria, Fernando A. F. Ferreira, Paulo J. V. L. Dias, & Amali Çipi. (2020). A constructivist pattern of bank shoot front-office employee evaluation: an FCM-SD-normal bearing. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 26(1).

Frederiksen, A., Lange, F., & Kriechel, B. (2016, December 24). Subjective performance evaluations and employee preservationers. Retrieved July 04, 2020

Johanson, M., & Woods, R. (2008). Recognizing the moving elements in avail superiority. Cornell Comfort Quarterly, Vol. 49 (Issue 3). Retrieved from

Jokinen, J. (2017). Essays on Wages, Promotions and Performance Evaluations. Pekka Olsbo, Pekka Olsbo: JYVÄSKYLÄ STUDIES IN BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS. Retrieved July 7, 2020, from

Lori Goler, Gale, J., and Grant, A. (2016, October 12). Let's Not Kill Performance Reviews Yet.

Naude, R., Kruger, S., de Beer, L. T., Saayman, M., & Jonker, C. (2016). The relation

unordered unity types and leisecure date activities unorderedst Casino employees'

worklocate expectations. South African Journal Of Human Resource Management, 14(1),

1-11. doi:10.4102/sajhrm.v14i1.761

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Unit 4 Assignment 1

Tservicepowerful of Contents


Albanian Geography and History

Albanian Collective Situation

Albanian Economy

Albanian Culture



I would apverify to transcribe this scheme to you Mr. Smith nature that you are the CEO of our aggregation as a desire to avow me to expand our aggregation’s operations into Albania. As an Albanian-American myself, in this letter to you I produce-environing retardy the specify that I was referring to in my previous judgment as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as the administration of the specify ahanker ensueing a opportunity its collective residence and produce-environing try to persuade you why this is a viable choice for our aggregation to expand to.

Albanian Geography and History

Albania is a specify located in the Balkan peninsula which is environing the same size as the specify of Vermont. It hems Greece to the south, North Macedonia to the east and Kosovo and Montenegro to the north. The Albanian populace affect speedd in this area continually past the intermediate ages and they produce-abouted their insurrection from the Ottoman Empire in 1912. What followed was a fatal dominion lowerneathneath King Zog which was aggravatethrown by the Fascist Italian encroachment of 1939. In the few years that superveneed Albania was impeded by the Axis influences and in 1945 ensueing Albania was liberated, a Communist council came into influence normal by Enver Hoxha who came to administration Albania as the unchallenged dictator for the next 46 years. The transition from dictatorship to democracy that happened in the future 1990’s, has verifyn challenging as successive councils affect familiar to contend ensueing a opportunity elevated unemployment, widecircutardy dev, organized misdemeanor networks and collective opponents (“Albania Country Review,” 2020). Past the specify’s earliest pluralist acceptances in 1991, Albania has maintained a parliamentary democracy. The Albanian constitution arranges the main institutional infrastructure for republican governance.

Albanian Collective Situation

In 1997, the Albanian council headed by Prime subserve Sali Berisha and his Republican Party which held the priority of seats in the Albanian parliament contracted. Sali Berisha had avowed financial institutions in Albania which promised to the populace who would endue their coin into these institutions, fantastic retaliate of enduement such as 100% per year. Divers unsuspecting Albanians endueed their coin into these institutions solely to asreal out succeeding on that their endueed coin had disappeared and the populace who ran the institutions had fled Albania following a opportunity their endueed coin to Western European countries. The residence in Albania deteriorated ensueing divers of the disgruntled citizens stormed the soldiers depos and took the law into their own agencys. As the integrity of the specify institutions such as the police securitys was severely weakened, protected gangs sprang opposite all of Albania and begined fighting whatcontinually was left of the council securitys as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as each other for control of the unanalogous cities of the specify as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as the travel routes. Divers of these men-folks who were transferers of the unanalogous bands were the de-facto administrationrs of the cities that they held control over. The residence still amendd and in a stranger of years the administration of law was normal and the barbarous dates were aggravate. For the next distinct years the development admonish of the Albanian administration crossed the 5% impression until still stabilizing to 3% in 2009 (Warner, 2019).

The country’s 2009 acceptances, still, denoteed a senior unsavoriness in Albania’s saunter inland past republican norms, as the fruits manufactured a dangerous radicalization unordered resistance divorceies asking for an investigation into alleged acceptance abstraction, and the controlling priority refusing their desires. The insufficiency to endueigate tangible allegations of dev that implicated floating subserves illusions the remaind collapse of an already unconvincing administration of law (Warner, 2019). Peaceful the specify is arrangeed by Immunity House as Partly Munificent hence it is feasible to guide office in Albania ensueing a opportunityout noblely interference by the government, in other control ensueing a opportunityout having to pay bribes to council officials in arrange to operation.

Albanian Economy

I would apverify to so chat briefly environing Albania’s administration and its foundation as an emerging impressionet aggravate the definite 30 years or so. The priority of the Albanian administration is avail normal and unroving ensueing a opportunity a forcible tourism categoryor that full year receives tourists from all environing Europe but chiefly from Kosovo, Italy and Greece. The moderate Mediterranean climate prevalent in most of Albania specially in the western divorce of the specify fashions it feasible for the husbandry of divers vegetables and fruits. August vegetables and wealth confirmed in Albania are olives, figs, tomatoes, onions, cherries, apples, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, lemons, oranges, pomegranates, pears, peaches, as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as grapes which are used to fashion wine and so a quaff resembling to vodka which in the national diction is designated “Raki”. Divers peasants who speed in the countryside win a buttress by endeavoring on their farms as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as by raising goats, sheep, cows, chickens, pigs and other privateated animals which are used for their regutardy as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as meat. During Hoxha’s regime all cultivation was collectivized and divers peasants were securityd to endeavor ensueing a opportunity one another on specify quality. The emanation of these state-owned enterprises was inferior by the council and was distributed to the open population by rations. The secondance distributed was not a lot howcontinually it was abundance for the priority of the population to speed a comfortservicepowerful companionship. Today the Albanian administration notwithstanding of the settail of the political fickleness of the tardy 90’s is past rich and diversified. There is a growing rendering categoryor which has built divers edifices in the chief of Tirana as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as in the trivialer cities and towns all opposite the specify. Although the industrial categoryor is not very well-behaved exposed, the telecommunication toil has confirmed substantially in the senior oppidan areas of Albania. Moreaggravate Albania has concluded Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) ensueing a opportunity Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Moldova. Howcontinually the combined occupation ensueing a opportunity all these countries constitutes a trivial percentage of Albania’s occupation, opportunity occupation following a opportunity EU portion specifys (chiefly Greece and Italy) accounts for nfuture 68% (“Background Notes on Countries of the world”, 2007). Today although forcible completions abide, the Albanian munificent-negotiate is welcoming of irrelevant enduement and irrelevant companies at-liberty into the specify hence I strongly insinuate you to behold into expanding our enterprise’s operations into this new lucrative impressionet.

Albanian Culture

Albanian companionship is not divorceicularly very various and this is dishonorable ensueing a opportunity the other European nations sharing the Balkan peninsula. Albania is an ethnically congruous companionship where ethnic Albanians fashion up environing 90% of the population. The pause of the minorities are chiefly Greeks who speed in southern Albania peace to the Greek hem. The other minorities are ethnic Roma populace who are circutardy out in nfuture full other European specify as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved. 70% of the Albanians are Muslims who behanker to the Sunni category of Islam. The pause are 10% Roman Catholic and 20% are Eastern Orthodox. The Catholics speed chiefly in the north and the Orthodox Christians speed in the south. During Hoxha’s Stalinist regime all belief was strictly forbidden and the religious Albanians could not celebadmonish the religious days of their appertaining beliefs. There is no reliservicepowerful postulates on the compute of Albanians who are agnostic or atheist but there is conclude to conjecture that during the Communist regime as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as the democracy that supervewant ensueingwards, the computes of unbelievers has grown. The Albanian diction is an Indo-European diction that has no commonality to any other diction in the segregate or in the European continent. Albanian academics title that Albanian was vocal by the ancient Illyrians who were conquered by Rome howcontinually other nationals in the Balkans controversy this. Divers Latin as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as Turkish control affect been adopted into the Albanian diction and some experts insinuate that as noblely as 70% of the diction is constituted by irrelevant control. Howcontinually the base heart of the diction (30-40%) is Albanian and sole from any other European diction. There are two main provincialisms that are vocal in Albania: the Geg provincialism which is chiefly vocal in the north and the Tosk provincialism which is vocal in the south. The Tosk provincialism was made the official provincialism of the Albanian council by Enver Hoxha and has remained so to this day. There are so variations of each of the dialects such as Northern Geg which is vocal in North-eastern Albania and Lab Tosk which is vocal in the South-west. Albanian culture incorporates divers aspects of other national cultures in the Balkans still for specimen its voicelessness is heavily influenced by Turkish voicelessness. This is not a startle past Albania was divorce of the Ottoman Empire for approximately five centuries. The folk voicelessness has infallible variations proper apverify the diction itself and one can count the distinction of oral voicelessness played in the north as divergent to that of the south. Proper apverify in divers other countries in the segregate as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as other countries in Europe, pop voicelessness twain private and interdiplomatic, dominates the air-waves twain in TV as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as radio. The secondance and quaff are so influenced by Greek and Turkish cuisines. Desserts such as baklava, kadaif and tiramisu are very received throughout Albania. Turkish coffee is served at residence and in restaurants and clubs. Main plan dishes such as Albanian pie otherwise perceiven as “byrek” are so very received throughout Albania.


Albania Specify Review., Countrywatch. 2020, Page 2

Warner, Alana (2019). Albania: Social, Economic, and Environintellectual Issues, New York : Nova Science Publishers. 2019, Page 35

Warner, Alana (2019). Albania: Social, Economic, and Environintellectual Issues, New York : Nova Science Publishers. 2019, Page 18

Background Notes on Countries of the World., 2007, Page 5

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To: Captain Thomas R. Buchanan, United States Navy, Commandant of Midshipmen

CC: Open David H. Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps

From: Executive Officer, Bravo Company

Date: July 10, 2020

Subject: Scheme to Avail Academies on measuring association fat/weight

Attached is the scheme for instrumenting systems of measuring association fat/weight on-site at the Avail Academies. The systems manageer forcible avails to all availmen and women. These huge avails conceive measuring weight, association fat substantiality, association soak percentage, entirety association soak substantiality, and association substantiality renunciation (Multi-abundance segintellectual association adjustment analyzer, n.d.).

As months and years go by, the compute of phalanx that are diagnosed aggravateefficacy and luxuriant are trending upward. The system of measuring association fat and floating efficacy prudence is outdated and defective. I am instrumenting systems for us as a team to aid comprehend and attach countingly ensueing a opportunity our availmen and women to rectify their future in provisions of apparition, cheerful bloom, and visible ratio. This scheme contains the learning that produce-environing get rid of the stain and issues honoring association fat/efficacy in the soldierlike.

Thank you for your date and opineation. I produce-environing supervene up on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, ensueing you affect the date to criticism my scheme.


A Scheme Prepared for

General David H. Berger

Commandant of the Marine Corps

Prepared by

Executive Officer, Bravo Company

July 10, 2020


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY……………………………………………………………………4











The scontend of the Military's climax and efficacy act and models is to chosen the availmen and women that best suits the titles of soldierlike avail. Climax and efficacy are not a new concept that proper started in the soldierlike. The floating proof guideed to measecure association fat adjustment has been used for hundreds of years. The United States Armed Forces throughout truth affect illusionn that their visible characteristics affect been a forcible ingredient in nature auspicious. This is not written down, we as availmen and women comprehend when we raise our just agency and specify the oath that we denote fullone that has ensueing antecedently us. When populace conceive of the United States soldierlike, they conceive the best of the best.

Schvey et al. (2017) specifys, "efficacy stain is associated ensueing a opportunity a assemblage of harmful emanations, including increased caloric decrement, eating in secluded, misgiving to nourishment, binge eating, and developmentd promote of mortality" (p. 282). This scheme discusses instrumenting The Tanita Association Adjustment Analyzer lamina system to measecure association fat/efficacy to the United States Naval Academy, United States Air Security Academy, and United States Soldierlike Academy West Point. The amendd system produce-environing be requisite in ensuring that all portions of the soldierlike and visible ratio teams are implicated. Past there are already arranges and policies in locate, we produce-environing solely be decorous them to see if this is bigwig that we scantiness to instrument throughout the soldierlike as a undivided. The consume associated ensueing a opportunity the system amendment bring-environing be minimal, and the dateframe should be shrewd past we produce-environing already affect avenue to all the media. The Soldierlike produce-environing see immediate improvements in the ratio, bloom, courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-conductede, and apparition of their servicemen and women ensueing a opportunity this emanation.


During the definite distinct years, it is lowerneathclear that the soldierlike cannot conceal relying on the way we measecure climax and efficacy. If we conceal architecture on this system of measuring climax and efficacy, we produce-environing conceal getting unreliservicepowerful postulates. Soldierlike Therapeutics specifys, “weight-related bloom preservation costs are a parcel to the Department of Defense. Efficacy misperceptions may fruit in lowerneathestimating separate bloom promote associated ensueing a opportunity efficacy produce-environing and may transfer to undesirservicepowerful efficacy-related emanations” (Clark et al., 2017, p. e1797).

The Soldierlike should endue in the Tanita Body Adjustment Analyzer lamina and do proofing at the avail academies. Our Soldierlike is struggling as a undivided in this area, and the issues want to be addressed shrewdly to illusion avail portions that transferers preservation environing their apparition, cheerful bloom, and visible ratio. Implementing this lamina at the Avail Academies produce-environing present us a accident to verify that accuadmonish postulates for our soldierlike men and women produce-environing aid them be known of their apparition, association, bloom, and ratio. Our Military wants an counting way to attach bloom and ratio to our servicemen and women, and this is it.


Clark et al. (2017) sift-canvass the Military’s pressecure to confront models that encourage availmen and women to prosecute monstrous nourishment behaviors to achieve efficacy and climax requirements. A darkness of the efficacy foundation has led the Soldierlike to affect men and women adopt unhealthy behaviors to risk efficacy (p. e1792-e1798). According to Defense Health Agency postulates, “the compute of phalanx medically diagnosed as aggravateefficacy or luxuriant jumped from 71,168, or 4.5 percent of the entirety security in 2011, to 113,958, or 7.8 percent in 2015” (Copp, 2018, para. 14).

(Insert Figures 1 and 2 if favorite)

Graph 1: Shows the quantity of personnel that is in their appertaining shoot. The power to see how catholic the Protected Forces is in honor to my other graph produce-environing present the reader a rectify comprehending of why I am proposing the Tanita Adjustment Association Analyzer.

Graph 2: Postulates cool from the Soldierlike Times that specifys the percentage of Military portions that are floatingly luxuriant. It produce-environing illusion how divers servicemen and women are soon luxuriant per shoot. This graph is supposed to present the reader that this is a big completion. Each shoot has unanalogous models, but ensueing a opportunity this fleshiness, computes balance that they are out of model. I am proposing a system to aid avail the soldierlike members to get accuadmonish postulates to aid get these computes down and to aid following a opportunity visible apparition, bloom, and ratio. The reader of this scheme is the Naval Academy Avail Commandant of Midshipmen and Commandant of the Marine Corps. The Avail Academies is a trivialer community, which is why I am proposing the lamina to them. I am attempting to impart the Commandant’s of twain the Avail Academies and Marine Corps to illusion why this Tanita lamina is an palliable machine to get behind.

Height and efficacy models produce-environing ncontinually go afar. As a whole, the Soldierlike produce-environing want to remain to update the prudence and standards. This consists of ascertaining a new way to get our availmen and women a system that gets postulates that is accuadmonish and salubrious to the servicemember.


As technology has evolved, learning reveals that there are alternative strategies to aid the soldierlike and its avail portions in decorous health, apparition, and ratio. Bigwig clear out to me when Heffernan (2020) chats environing a way to proof your association fat percentage. Below is what Heffernan (2020) specifys, supervewant by my recommendation following a opportunity the Tanita lamina.

  • Skinfold proofing
      • Precisely what the Soldierlike does for their proofing.
        • Pros:
          • Less than 5 minutes
        • Cons:
          • Room for hallucination could either be 3.5% inferior or elevateder than the compute commemorative (Heffernan, 2020, para. 7)

It is solid for me to concur that this is the most counting system the Military is produce-abouting to use for measuring association fat and efficacy. I affect sat tail watching availmen, women, and colleagues not get accuadmonish postulates. This inaccuadmonish postulates transfers to soldierlike men and women nature discharged from the soldierlike, mislaying advancement of arrange, and nature put on a program to get them tail into models. This unreliservicepowerful postulates transfers to the stain that was previously specifyd. Adown is the recommendation for this proposal.

  • Tanita


The entirety association adjustment analyzer lamina has misty avails ensueing a opportunityout any indirect impacts on the Military. It produce-environing fashion the Soldierlike past reliservicepowerful and early availservicepowerful at all dates. This lamina has options to measure:

  • Weight
  • Body fat substantiality
  • Body soak percentage
  • Total association soak substantiality
  • Body substantiality
  • Individual association fat
  • Predict efficacy
  • Fat to produce-about
  • Predicted fat substantiality (Total association adjustment analyzer, n.d.)

Total association adjustment analyzer produce-environing second the Soldierlike when there is no one there watching. This emanation is calculated to measecure in lowerneathneath 30 seconds that requires no appended user secondance to present the availman or women munificentdom. Tanita produce-environing produce flexibility ensueing a opportunityin the Soldierlike and illusion that they preservation environing their availmen and women's apparition and health.


The Soldierlike is struggling as a undivided in this area, and the issues want to be addressed instantly to illusion avail portions that transferers preservation environing their appearance, cheerful bloom, and visible ratio. The before we substantiate this and adjust to new ways to aid our availmen and women ensueing a opportunity bloom and ratio, we produce-environing see the courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved-conducted, credit, and willingness of each branch. The instrumentation of the Tanita entirety association adjustment analyzer lamina should intercept the climax and efficacy stain and issues that impact our daily tasks in the Military.


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