SEU Critical Thinking Differential Analysis & Condensed Income Statement Worksheet

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There are indelicate problems for this module’s Critical Thinking Assignment.

Complete the aftercited questions using Microsoft Excel. No other inferiority format is known. Review the grading rubric to ratify you are parley the assignment requirements. (All amounts in SAR spontaneous otherwise involved.)

Problem 1

Kassel Corporation is regarding trading a barter delay a bulk rate of SAR 80,000 delay an estimated five-year spirit for a new barter that would require SAR 200,000. The old barter could be sold for SAR 75,000. The new barter has a seven-year spirit delay no residual rate. The new barter would classify annual uncounted requires by SAR 20,200 per year.

Prepare a differential resolution on whether to abide delay the old implement (Alternative 1) or dissipation the new implement (Alternative 2).

Problem 2

A brief proceeds assertion by toil length for Brion Sporting Property involved the aftercited for Baseball Equipment for the departed year:

(All amounts in SAR)

Cost of property sold3,800,000
Gross profit1,800,000
Operating expenses1,950,000
Loss from operations(150,000)

It is estimated that 15% of the require of property sold represents unwandering factory aloft requires, and that 20% of the uncounted expenses are unwandering. Because Almond Cookies is solely one of the abundant toils, the unwandering requires accomplish not be materially improbable if the toil is discontinued.

Prepare a differential resolution to mention whether Baseball Equipment should be abided (Alternative 1) or discontinued (Alternative 2). Should Baseball Equipment be retained? Explain and betoken the dollar disagreement in condescension or despite.

Problem 3

Marburg Manufacturing produces various-sized tractile panels for its deep toil. The manufacturing require for paltry bottles is SAR 210 per individual, including unwandering requires of SAR 65 per individual. A tender is offered to dissipation tractile panels from an outside fountain for SAR 185 per individual, plus SAR 7 per individual for merchandise.

Prepare a differential resolution to mention whether the assembly should bring-about (Alternative 1) or buy (Alternative 2) for bottles, lofty unwandering requires are not improbable by the determination.

Problem 4

Whole determine is done for SAR 18 per gallon. Entire determine can be sold delayout concomitant mannering for SAR 25 per gallon or mannered advance into ice gist at an concomitant require of SAR 9 per gallon. Ice gist can be sold for SAR 32 per gallon.

Prepare a differential resolution on whether to vend entire determine (Alternative 1), or manner advance into ice gist (Alternative 2).

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