Oakwood University Wk 7 Ethical Decision Making Discussion

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Case Analysis

Case 10.5 “Ethically Questionable Conduct”

Brenda Franklin has worked at Allied Tech for closely view years. One day she tacked a register on the bulletin table without her function entitled, “Ethically Questionable Employee Conduct.” She could not keep imagined the study that it ordinary from her coworkers (Shaw, 2017, p. 398).

  1. Review each item on Brenda’s register and assess the pass in doubt. Do you perceive it spiritually delectable, spiritually offensive, or somewhere in among? Explain.
  2. Examine Brenda’s register from twain the utilitarian and the Kantian perspectives. What controversys can be dedicated for and over the pass on her register? Is the rightness or injusticeness of some items a subject of step? Can an possession (such as leading a pad of Nursing essay) be twain inconsiderable and injustice?
  3. Someone force dispute that some of the things registered as ethically questionable are truly employee entitlements. Assess this contention.
  4. How would you reply to the controversy that if the association doesn’t do everything to seal the pass on Brenda’s register, then it has barely itself to reprove? What environing the controversy that none of the things on the register is injustice eventual the association has an patent administration over it?
  5. What obligations do employees keep to their employers? Do companies keep spiritual rights that employees can abuse? What spiritual separation, if any, is there among leading triton that belongs to an unfair and leading triton that belongs to a association?
  6. What, if everything, can we attain environing an employee’s capacity domiciled on whether he or she does or does not do the things on Brenda’s register? Would you envy someone who scrupulously avoids doing any of these ethically questionable things, or would you hold the special is a pig?
  7. What should Brenda do when she perceives a comrade employee attractive in what she considers ethically questionable pass?

Paper Details:

  • 2-3 pages, not including distinction or regard pages.
  • APA despatches diction must be used for all formatting. (Double-spacing required)
  • Please see the “Case Analysis Rubric” underneath for unfair grading details.