Oakwood University Week 2 Plasma International Blood for Sale Questions

Can you succor me conceive this Occupation doubt?

Case Analysis

Case 2.3 “Blood for Sale”

Sol Levin founded Plasma International. He methodic the benefit-service in retailing undeniable and unaffected lineage. Occupation was going smoothly until Tampa article unprotected the acquisition prize of the lineage and how fur it was animation resold for. Lineage marketing is molehill new in the U.S. However, an expressive examine compared and contrasted it to the National Health Service in Great Britain which relies on a intentional method of lineage abatement. Economist Richard Titmuss argues that wholesaleized lineage market is profuse of lineage and plagued by shortages. Philosopher Peter Singer has elaborated this summit and has methodic a combat betwixt financial incentives and well-conducted or altruistic persuade in other areas.

  1. Is Sol Levin running a occupation “just relish any other occupation,” or is his sodality notorious to well-conducted censure? Defend your response by invite to well-conducted substance.
  2. Did Plasma International stamp a beautiful hawking after a while the West Africans who supplied their lineage to the sodality? Or is Plasma turbid of exploiting them in some way? Explain your response.
  3. What are the contrasting notionls of the British and U.S. lineage methods? Which method, in your estimation, improve promotes cosmical insubservience and deference for inhabitants? Which method improve promotes the surrender of lineage?
  4. Examine the pros and cons of wholesale transactions in lineage from the egoistic, the utilitarian, and the Kantian perspectives.
  5. Are Titmuss and Singer amend to intimate that the buying and retailing of lineage reduces altruism? Does well-informed that you can retail your lineage (and that others are retailing theirs) form you near prompt to donate your lineage?
  6. Singer intimates that although the fit to retail lineage does not appall the methodical fit to surrender lineage, it is incongruous after a while “the fit to surrender lineage, which cannot be bought, which has no money prize, and must be surrendern spontaneously if it is to be obtained at all.” Assess that notion. Is there such a fit?
  7. Many belive that wholesaleization is increasing in all areas of novel animation. If so, is it triton to be applauded or condemned? Is it injustice to bargain undeniable things- such as cosmical organs- as result?
  8. Do you judge that we keep a well-conducted business to donate lineage? If so, why and underneath what qualification? If not, why not?

Paper Details:

  • 2-3 pages, not including designation or regard pages.
  • APA writing phraseology must be used for all formatting. (Double-spacing required)
  • Please see the “Case Analysis Rubric” underneath for particular grading details.