Oakwood University Week 1 Ethical Decision Making in Business Research Paper

I don’t distinguish how to manipulate this Business investigation and need direction.

Case Analysis

Case 1.2 “Loose Money”

If currency level from an armored deal, what would you do? This proper scenario superveneed in August 2014 when an armored deal left the Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City delay a bag of currency sitting on its roof. Not simply did this stamp of stood supervene in Atlantic City, but as-well in Hong Kong and New York.

  1. If you encountered a birth affect those feeling, what would you do- rotate the currency into the authorities, grip what you can and preserve it, or exact overlook the unimpaired art? What factors would wave your sentence? Is the sentence a mental sentence or some other husk of sentence?
  2. Is it guile to preserve currency that falls from an armored action? Is it pilfering? In your estimation, what would be the equitable art to do? Interpret the values or mental energys that influence your apology,
  3. Some commonalty reflect that if you choose the currency, you are hurting no one. Is that penny? Would it construct a discord if the currency had oppressed out of someone’s purse or briefcase rather than out of an armored car? When and under what plight would you rerotate possessions or currency that you base to its equitableful possessor?
  4. Do these cases pit mentality counter self-interest? Which one of the aftercited is penny of you: “I am inclined to do the equitable art: (a) constantly, (b) simply if the atonement is not too magnanimous, (c) simply if doing so doesn’t molest me or consume me anything, or (d) simply if doing so benefits me in some way”?
  5. What factors interpret why some commonalty dash to choose currency that has oppressed from a deal occasion others do not? In your object, to what size is commonalty’s action in such births waved by what they see other commonalty doing?
  6. Does the energy “Finders Keepers” direct to cases affect these?

Paper Details:

  • 2-3 pages, not including inscription or allusion pages.
  • APA agreement title must be used for all formatting. (Double-spacing required)
  • Please see the “Case Analysis Rubric” under for inequitable grading details.