NBA 620 University of Maryland Financial Decision Making Discussion

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Project 3: Analyzing Financial Reports
Step 5: Debate Strategy

Discussion after a while Colleagues

Earlier, Frank announcemented you would insufficiency to listen a consultation after a while other finance and accounting analysts at MCS to debate the differences in diplomacy betwixt Choice Hotels and Marriott. Twain companies feel a BBB claim rating from Standard & Poor’s. This is the meanest cannonade gait rating and indicates that twain companies feel been unsavory after a while enlargement, finance, and Treasury Stock purchases.

  • Discuss the differences in diplomacy kindred to duty enlargement, finance, and Treasury Stock purchases.
  • Discuss the similarities in diplomacy.
  • Discuss any diplomacy instructions for Choice Hotels’ administration.

propose one pristine posting of at meanest 250 utterance in the “Comparing Choice and Marriott”Discussion

Analyze Require and Cannonade Decisions (______)
[Here, transcribe encircling your knowledge sympathetic the questions in the Require and Investing worksheet. Explicitly announcement your instructions for require and pricing and execute on why you made that instruction. Use citations where expend.]