Montclair State University Tableau Cumulative Project Based on The State

Need aid delay my Accounting topic - I’m studying for my adjust.

Suppose that your superintendent wants you to irritate the sales deed in your point particularize, as assigned in the Tableau Prep assignment. For this contrivance, you allure be using your created Tableau Prep refine for your particularize. Same scenario as the tutorial, bar that it is now your job to seem at overall sales and profitability for your particularize to see if you can furnish out what is driving these mass. Please irritate merely the Consumer section. Please exculpation the subjoined topics for your particularize in your Tableau Storybook as TEXT INSERTS for the alienate pages:

1) Which consequences were consequenceive and where/when?

2) Which consequences were not consequenceive and where/when?

3) How numerous avail were there athwart the consequence categories and duration frames?

4) Irritate the produce reasons/products (sub-category)/frequency.

5) Irritate the days to ship athwart consequences (sub-category)/time.

6) Provide your insights as to how deed could be improved in your particularize.