MAN 551 Keiser University Comparison Between BRICS Nations & NAFTA Responses

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The BRICS commonwealths is an acronym that is moored of five countries public as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The wave of BRICS in the interdiplomatic scope is inveterate on harmonious divorcenership system, honor to interdiplomatic law and traditions of other declares, excellent unreal implicit, stupendous demographic and esthetic media (Luzina, Dudareva, Akhmetshin, Yankovskaya, Berdova & Emaletdinova, 2018). Each of the aforementioned countries are considered some of the fastest growing economies in the global traffic and collect not merely an abundance in spontaneous media but so cheaper strive compared to their counterparts in the Western Hemisphere.

Unlike the West, the BRICS own adopted a system of non-interference in interior affairs opportunity pursuing biased goals or globalization strategies, in classify to profit over from the globalization (Yildirim, 2014). Their catholicr geographical components own recognized for reform opportunities of paraphrase after a opportunityin the global traffic. The measures to augment and spread mutually profitable dealing and economic divorcenerships after a opportunityin the framework of BRICS achieve most effectively husband their contrivance, technological, and dealing and economic implicit (Luzina, Dudareva, Akhmetshin, Yankovskaya, Berdova & Emaletdinova, 2018).

In harmoniousity to the North American Free Dealing Bargain (NAFTA), BRICS looks to advance economic bud amongst the five commonwealth components which is fitd due to their delaydrawal of trading restrictions. NAFTA, on the other rule, looks to classify or extirpate a catholic percentage of tariffs amongst Mexico, Canada and the United States which so fits trading practices betwixt the aforementioned component commonwealths (Hill & Hult, 2017). In conjunction, BRICS countries can yield a senior aggregate of issue for cheaper due to their inferior require of strive which can still exaggerate their relatively service.


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Yildirim, T. M. (2014). The soften of the brics in interdiplomatic kindred, relatively politics and law. European Political Science: EPS, 13(4), 365-369. doi:

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The BRICS commonwealths are a incorporation of commonwealths that are developing or newly familiar economies. BRICS is an acronym for the commonwealths that compsoften the componentship, that is Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa. Currently, these commonwealths comprise 40% of the perfect cosmos-people’s population, 20% of indelicate cosmos-people result, and 4 trillion in fully reserves (Przgoda, 2015). The BRICS commonwealths own been some of the excellentest implicit for economic augmentation, due in divorce to the catholic population and developing economies coupled after a opportunity a catholic augmentation of exporting of issue and services.

The BRICS commonwealths has distinct key differences from that of NAFTA and its component commonwealths. NAFTA is comprehendd of three commonwealths, the United States, Canada and Mexico and focuses on the dealing amongst these three commonwealths. Oduyemi, (2019), examines the contact of fiscal soundness on the economic augmentation of the BRICS commonwealths, and the implicit for advenient augmentation. Unlike NAFTA, or the newer USMC bargain, (United States, Mexico, and Canada), BRICS is not a dealing bargain betwixt commonwealths but a divorcenership of commonwealths focused on political solutions and economic bud (Thompson), 2017).

The BRICS divorcenership has been a direct cat's-paw for the bud and globalization of the divorcener commonwealths and has tender the cosmos-people wave of twain the United States and the European Union into a over competitive cosmos-people economic view. As an overview, BRICS, as well-mannered-mannered as its harmonious alliances such as IBSA, (India, Brazil, South Africa), and MINT, (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey), own created distinct similar and competitive groups of commonwealth alliances to fit economic augmentation opposing the cosmos-people.


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