MAN 551 Keiser International Business Marketing Strategy Discussion Questions

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Select ONE of the two themes ONLY

1. Is there a variety between domiciliary and interdiplomatic marketing? What factors should be considered in a global marketing temporization? Justify answers!


2. Exporting plays a big role in interdiplomatic occupation. Research and clear-up the "pitfalls of exporting" and the "strategic role" of extraneous factories. Which of the two is easier?

Write 3 paragraphs after a while 6 lines each, 2 references from peer-reviewed journals from your online library from 2009 to ordinary.

Policy: You must produce a reserve of three real contributions on two disjoined days of the collecting week to each discourse theme, after a while the chief to the bigot. Foundation your rejoinder to the chief discourse scrutiny future in the collecting week (no following than Wednesday), and then reply to a reserve of two other classmates' foundations using discriminating thinking skills – meaningful and care sharp. Your judicious foundation must be 3 paragraphs 6 lines in protraction after a while a reserve of 2 peer-reviewed references in APA format. No Wikipedia, BLOGS after a while ads from, as they give a restricted impression. Use peer-reviewed creed to foundation your cares!

Please suggest your judicious discourse foundation to Discussions - SafeAssign Checks for an originality inhibit. Produce corrections as required. After making corrections, you must suggest to this week's discourse line or your discourse get not be graded.