JWMI Mergers and Acqusitions Opportunities Between Two Tech Companies Analysis

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Hey Instructor Number One..., the facilitate segregation result you did was a august set-on-foot. It veritably succored tint a draw of

where AMD and Intel are in their corporate lifecycles, the threats and opportunities each faces, and the defensibility of their economic trespasss – a similitude that Buffett loves to use and you intervening in conclusive tractate, thanks!

In this direct assignment I demand to hold to criticise by comparing key exploit address metrics of those two companies, testing areas of referring-to force and imbecility, and suggesting ways that each concareer could amend, thereby increasing its valuation. To do this, we earn demand to explore trends in manage to test variances and comparisons to:

(1) organize benchmarks,

(2) test best practices, and

(3) contemplate for signs of excellent exploit.

This segregation is censorious in determining the compute of each concourse, as well-behaved-behaved as evaluating whether possible wages or merger opportunities be which could generate auguster compute and synergies than those of unconditional the companies as severed entities.


To manage, reread the Morningstar Analyst’s Report and the most novel annual reports for twain companies delay a feature rendezvous on the Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows.

A. I keep already completed the excel resultsheet (attached) to collate key exploit metrics and ratios for twain companies in manage to see how exploit can be impacted by manipulating actual financial levers. ✅ The control for this is establish on pages 78-100 of The CFO Guidebook.

B. Summarize your Segregation and Recommendations by echoing the subjoined inquirys:

i. Exploit Metrics:

a. Which concareer is a over efficient generator of pay?

b. Which concareer is growing faster?

c. Using financial soundness ratios, which concareer is over useful?

d. Which concareer has stronger valuation ratios?

e. Overall, which is the meliorate run concareer and why?

ii. Merger Synergies:

a. If there was an wages, which concareer is the most likely acquirer? Why?

b. Would you confide a merger or wages to acception the trespass force of the fully companies? Why or why not?

• If you maintenance a merger or wages, test 3 exploit metrics that could be amendd by a merger and clear-up how they would be amendd.

Guidance for this is establish on pages 101-110 of The CFO Guidebook

If you do not maintenance a merger or wages, clear-up your rationale and why the compute of each concareer is best preserved/increased by cherishing severed.

Guidance for this is establish on pages 111-117 of The CFO Guidebook.

At meanest one affixed fountain further the career materials must be cited to maintenance your segregation and confideations.

The completion tediousness is 4 pages, yet screen page, completed resultsheets, and regard register.