ITEC 447 American University Cyber Breach at Equifax Company Questions

I’m instituted on a Computer Science doubt and deficiency control to acceleration me consider.

You are expected to decipher and dissect the condition on Equifax ( and counterpart the aftercited doubts The extension of your partition may variegate from two to five pages. You are encouraged to use any other examination or postulates, including numerical stay or averment endow either in the condition itself, your decipherings, or from sources you examination on your own. Include a “References” exception in APA mode to roll your sources at the end of your homework. Please elucidate in your own words:

  1. How does Equifax’s concern type achievement? Who is the customer, and what is the work?
  2. Was Equifax lax or unprosperous to be cyber-breached in this way?
  3. Where would you advance accountability for the gap – the technology (security) team, main conduct, CEO, the Consideration of directors? Why?
  4. How well-mannered-mannered did Equifax meet to the gap? How would you reprimand the actions of conduct and the consideration and why?
  5. One monstrosity that considerations can constantly do is ask doubts. What are some of the doubts the consideration would ask?