ISM 300 Wilmington Business Motivational Model to Attract Investors Research Paper

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You are an entrepreneur starting a tech (.com) trade and scarcity a artfulness to influence investors. A Trade Motivational Mould (BMM) conciliate invent the framework for your management and beseem the origin of your overall trade artfulness amid an attested

Assignment Instructions:

Create a troop designate and determine its trade limb. Using a fact fashion (text) Trade Motivational Mould (BMM), invent a BBM mould delay the aftercited attributes:

  • Ends:
    • Vision Statement- solely one is required
    • Desired Results (Goals and Objectives) - at smallest 2 goals, and at smallest 2 objectives for each goal
  • Means:
    • Mission Statement - at smallest one
    • Courses of possession (Strategies and Tactics)- at smallest two of each
    • Directives (Business Policies and Trade Rules)- at smallest 4 of each
    • External Influencers- at smallest two
    • Internal Influencers- at smallest two
  • Paper pleased diffusiveness - not to abound five (5) pages
    • Note: The epithet page, relation page(s), and unsymbolical (if required) are not pleased.
  • Paper organization: must hold an preliminary individuality, partition individuality (Ends, Means, etc.), and a summary/conclusion individuality