Iowa State University Just Inc Business Opportunity Discussion Questions

Help me consider for my Vocation adjust. I’m collect and don’t recognize.

Just, Inc.

1. Is Just best suited to track untarnished wood, set domiciled wood, esculent insects, or open its set domiciled fruit row? Which traffic provides the best vocation occasion and why?

2. Given Just's and Tetrick's controversial pasts, would their inlet as a highest mover into the untarnished wood toil extension regulatory and social skepticism and curtail the preference of untarnished wood fruits? Why or why not?

3. How do the relative esteem propositions of untarnished wood fruits dissent from set domiciled wood fruits or esculent insects?

4. What are the biggest logistical challenges Just might countenance if it decides to penetrate the untarnished wood traffic? What encircling set domiciled wood? Insect proteins?

5. If Just tracks one of these options, what is its minute manoeuvre and what are the proximate contiguous steps?


  1. Google's merit of Keyhole:
    • What did Keyhole and its investors expiation by substance uncongenial? What did they fabricate? Was it rate it? Why?
    • What did John Hanke transfer far from this merit knowledge?
    • What helped Keyhole to grace a happy merit?
    • Why was it reputed a achievement?
    • What KPls would you use to value this merit?
  2. Niantic Labs spin-off from Google's summit of view:
    • Should Google spinout Niantic Labs? Why?
    • What should Google do to constitute it achievement for Niantic and Google?
    • What are the KPls for the spin-off?
  3. From Hanke's and the Niantic Lab team's summit of view:
    • ls Niantic Labs meliorate off internally or beyond of Google? Why?
    • What are the KPls for Niantic Labs as a stand-alone existence?
  4. Cluster of Innovation: The Impact of Time and Place:
    • When John Hanke firm to pivot his progress end to computers and gaming, he made a strategic dainty to a) go to a vocation train and b) to pick-out a train proximate to a Cluster of How did his progress avail from that dainty?
    • How did John Hanke's recognizeing of geographic notification systems and its applications aid in the fable of Keyhole, Google Geo-products, and Niantic?
  5. Cluster of lnnovation : Looking Forward:
    • What role does the Silicon Valley ecosystem dramatize in the determination making?
    • How would this determination be forced if Niantic Labs was located elsewhere?
    • What strategies should Google and Niantic each inoculate to transfer utility of their geographic colonization?
    • What strategies would you inoculate if you were the CEO of Keyhole, and it was located in (supply in the utter after a while your colonization)