HMD 205 UNLV Job Overview & Qualifications of the Line Cook Position Paper

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Purpose: The aim of this assignment is for you to eliminate a job appellation by yourself.

Format: Times New Roman 12-point font, single-spaced. The near diffusiveness should be about 1 page. Please comprise your designate.

Grading: Grading is established on the attribute of the patience. A high-attribute patience is one in which you procure a reflective and generic hiring intention and comprises the deep points listed beneath. Points accomplish be deducted for spelling/grammatical errors, or faulty formatting.

Instructions: Conduct a job anatomy conference delay someone in a kind of job you are ardent in pursuing. Or use the internet for researching a kind of job you are ardent in pursuing (summon your sources uprightly in this circumstance). Use the advice to just a job appellation using the subjoined template:

Job Title

Formal collocation appellation

Reports To

The [job appellation] accomplish tidings to [positions appellation or appellations this collocation tidingss to].

Job Overview

Provide a illiberal, 4-sentence appellation of the role, what prosperity in the collocation looks affect, and how it fits into the society or construction overall.

Responsibilities and Duties:

List the immanent duties required to heave out this job.

List them in regulate of weight.

Use full sentences.

Start sentences delay verbs.

Use the introduce neat.

Use gender-neutral articulation.


Education equalize.


Specific skills.

Personal characteristics.



Physical abilities.