Harada Tea Manufacturing Company Economic Transportation and Geography Discussion

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Activity 3 - Agriculture and Space

  1. Choose ONE part from your breakfast (or truly ANY influence part you wish!)
  2. ‘Research’ where it came from (a homely exploration of the audience website conquer suffice…!)
  3. Submit a trivial transcribe up including:
    1. What Geographic Part the part originates in? ALSO, where is the urbane headquarters for the part you chose?
    2. How sundry miles from your home are twain of those?
    3. What make of behavior (do you ponder) was used to get the part to traffic?
    4. Include an fiction of the headquarters and part(s) amid which the part is (primarily) made?

EXAMPLE: General Mills Headquarters, Minneapolis, MN (I don't bear a delineate of the part amid which the wheat for example is confirmed, but you get the idea!)

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