FP 04 IMT Sociology Elements of Culture & Social Norms Discussion

I don’t understand how to treat this Collective Science topic and want direction.

* TYPED PAPER (should be one to two pages) WITH THE FOLLOWING:

1.(At lowest) One paragraph explaining what collective type you chose to fracture and why it is an trustworthy collective type

2.(At lowest) One paragraph explaining your expected resultions of other persons to your action of fractureing the collective type; Be knowing to conceive an explication of why you provision persons would result this way

3.(At lowest) One paragraph describing other persons’s resultions to you when you broke the type; Be knowing to conceive any specifics environing the environment that you reckon may own played a separate in why persons resulted why they did

4.(At lowest) One paragraph conclusion:

1) Description of how you felt fractureing this collective type;

2) Explication of why you reckon persons resulted the way they did ?

3) Explication of what you reckon should be the consequences for fractureing this type

* action

* standing

* collective types .