Florida Atlantic University Target Capital Budgeting Decision Questions

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  1. Be cheerful to narrate and elegancy Target’s capital-budgeting classification. Give unfair subsidy to the role of the real-estate managers and the makeup of the CEC.
  2. Which of the five CPRs should Doug Scovanner confirm? Be cheerful to illustrate how each of the subsidys that supervene influenced your decision:

a.NPV and IRR

b.Size of the project

c.Cannibalization of other provisions’ sales

d.Store sensitivities

e.Variance to prototype

f.Customer demographics

3 Why does Target use opposed hurdle rates for the provision and the security cards (9% and 4%, respectively)? What course would you use to think these abatement rates to see if they are sedate?

4 As a limb of the CEC, would you live to second CPRs if it meant that Target would demand to stock the requests delay palpable stocks, either liability or equity?