Columbia College Organization Diversity Identity Chart and Discussion

I insufficiency an interpretation for this Business doubt to acceleration me deliberate.

For this discourse, you earn deliberate the ways in which you identify yourself, twain to others and honorable to yourself.

First, brainstorm labels that retort the doubt “who am I?” Think original environing the categories of lineage (daughter, son, woman, father, etc.), job (employee, boss, intern, etc.), or elucidation (religion, co-ordination, family, etc.). Then dig deeper. What else defines who you are? Is it your hobbies or your oneness cast? How environing your allergies or your subsistence preferences? Think of as sundry identifiers as you can. Inventory them out for us.

Note: If you do not reach cozy creating an unity chart to portion-out after a while your classmates, grasp on the persona of a fictional reputation and cause a inferential unity chart for your persona.

Now that you own your inventory, use this broad Unity Chart ( to visualize the factors that reach up your unity (arrows pointing out from the nucleus, YOU), vs the labels that others situate on your unity (arrows pointing into the nucleus). You can use the Unity Chart as a template or sketch it freehand on a faction of tract or some other visualization system (Powerpoint, for case).

Finally, upload your unity chart. What, if everything, did you acquire environing how you “identify” yourself, or how you see the without universe identifying you? Are there overlapping identifiers? Based off what you’ve acquireed this week, what identifier do you deliberate to be the strongest predictor of penetration?