CMR 244 Miami University Expansion of Amazon into Sweden Case Study

I don’t distinguish how to treat this Business topic and want control.

My target order is Amazon and my target dominion is Sweden.

Your CEO has resolute that the duration has after to standpoint on entering/expanding your target order into your target dominion.

Revisit Chapters 6 & 10. Pay distinctive notice to Exhibits 10.4 and 10.5.

  1. Pick three options for your order. Make unfailing the options are serviceable for your order.
  2. Evaluate the pros and cons of each resource. Consider:
    • resources profitable and wanted (human, financing, operational (manufacturing, disposal, deportment, retail)
    • first-mover v. late-mover service and competition
    • horizontal v. perpendicular FDI
    • benefits and risks of each
  3. Make a admonitions to your CEO, including your reasons why.

You conquer be graded on whether you go into profoundness and critically criticise each resource, as well-mannered-mannered as, the justty of your rationale for your admonition. Convince your CEO as to what you prize to be the just sequence of enjoyment for your order.

The assignment should be 2 pages

condition 6:

Please use the immovable PDF to aid you embody the deep topics from condition 6 Investing Abroad

Watch the condition video onFDI

condition 10:

Please use the immovable PDF to aid you embody the deep topics of Entering Foreign Markets