Clayton State University Employee Performance Issues Project

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For this assignment, enumerate an serviceable way to evaluate the accomplishment of one of your employees. As you own enumerated that interrupted evaluations can be past wholesome than annual evaluations, you procure be evaluating the mid-level superintendent who you hired and who has now been on consideration for 6 months. Your way should comprise an misspend evaluation dupe and a media of providing feedback on the employee’s accomplishment issues.

There are three faculty to this device. You procure initiate by developing a accomplishment retrospect make that contains a narrowness of 10 sharp-ends of criteria. This template is a starting sharp-end and may be used as is or can be qualified as you craving. The template has 10 sharp-ends of criteria; besides, you can add past if the specifics of the standing undertake you doing so.

  • Provide an explication for each of the criteria. Remember, these should promptly enact the understanding, skills, and abilities (KSAs) as well-behaved-behaved as the requirements for the standing.
  • Develop a rating flake, and procure a marvellous-story that identifies the obvious accomplishment rating definitions. There must be a narrowness of three levels. (The template has three levels; besides, you can add past.)
  • Next, you procure content out your newly created make to evaluate the mid-level superintendent. This is, of line, inveterate on the input of the instant superintendent and your own tribute.
  • Evaluate each criteria, and comprise a narrowness of three criteria where the employee does not unite accomplishment expectations.
  • Summarize the employee accomplishment appraisal in the comments individuality.
  • Identify the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Offer feedback and coaching on ways that the employee can mend his or her accomplishment.
  • Finally, you procure transcribe a one-page epitome in which you interpret the esteem of your evaluation way and new dupe to your example team. Comprise the knowledge below:
    • how the changes procure favor the form,
    • how resembling pursuit turn laws were considered, and
    • strategies that leaders can use to oration unmet employee accomplishment expectations.
  • Include two sources to assistance your explication.

The template is barely a guideline. You are encouraged to change it as you craving, as hanker as it quiet unites all of the overhead listed requirements. Combine your completed template and the one-page epitome into one instrument (.doc or .pdf) to upload in Blackboard. Ensure that you comprise a distinction page. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.