California Baptist University Accounting Information System Database ERD Discussion

Can you aid me know this Accounting doubt?

Answer all doubts. Marks procure be allocated established on the rubric supposing.


Atlas Medical Center, Inc., owned by a publicly held concourse, is a trivial vigor heed provider. It hires 7 salaried masters, 10 nurses, 3 subsistence staff, and 3 canonical employees. The canonical staff achieve such duties as acceptance, despatches, specie income, jawing, and scheduling of Nursing Assignments. All are bonded properly. Many endurings pay for benefits ardent on the day of their Nursing Assignment by specie or stop. However, repeatedly, on the foundation of an confabulation, the master who is to achieve the appertaining benefits approves security.

The physician files a memo delay one of the clerks when security is certain to set up the receivable using facts executed by the physician. A pay slip that is issued to one of the clerks is expert by the benefit master. For pricing and making-ready of the jaw for the enduring. Each of the clerks uses the jaws at the end of the day to lay a news of vouchers and, in cases of security transactions, to amend the recitals receivable from the adjuvant ledger.

The face employment clerks infer specie and inspections straightly from endurings and extend a prenumbered voucher to each enduring. The clerks are initiative turns space the mail. The clerk who opens the mail entire day immediately stamps all stops "for assurance barely." One of the clerks makes a inventory of all specie and stops to be assuranceed in Parktown's bank recital entire day, presently precedently lunch. The employment procure be barred from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. And for lunch. The employment supervisor accepts the recognized assurance to the bank at that misentry. The clerk who opened the email that day used the inventory of specie income and stops to amend enduring recitals during the lunch sever.

The clerks accept turns writing monthly statements and submitting them to endurings delay unpaid balances. Barely following the master who achieveed the selfsame benefits claims the recital procure not pay and expresses that belief to the employment supervisor does one of the clerks transcribe off uncollectible recitals. The employment supervisor then issues a security memo to transcribe off the recital, which the clerk orderes.

The employment wield oversees the clerks, sends transcribe-off memos, schedules master visits, makes bank assurances, reconciles bank statements, and conducts public despatches duties. A persomal recitalant who posts summaries compiled by the clerks to the public ledger, lays allowance statements, and files the required payroll forms and tax income, provides attached benefits monthly

  • From the ardent scenario, authenticate the enervation in the order? [ 5 marks]
  • Suggest solutions for the enervation identified. [ 5 marks]

3) Authenticate the connection among the tables in the rental factsbase . Authenticate the original and alien keys and absolve the excerption. [10 marks]

a) Employee Table

Employee- ID

First Name

Last Name


b) Customer Table

Customer- ID

First Name

Last Name





E mail

c) Rentals Table

Customer- ID

Employee- ID

Bike ID


d) Bikes Table

Bike ID

Serial No



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