BUSS 5141 SU Wedlock Engineering Purchasing & Supply Management Case Study

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Chapter 10 - Wedlock Engineering Case Examine

1. How considerable efficacy should be placed on prior supplier exploit when selecting a supplier?
2. Is $24,000 in savings estimate the molestation of switching suppliers?
3. What achieve the retort be from Vergis if you cling behind a while Marandi, behind they granted a inferior bid?
4. Do you shortness to rive the employment between the two suppliers?
5. If you switch to Vergis for the 3-inch tubes, how achieve that desire your alliance behind a while Marandi for the repose of your employment behind a while them?
6. Is using an RFQ the proper vestibule in this predicament?

7. As Cynthia Gao, what recommendation would you fashion to Robert Scobie respecting afford for the 3-inch tubes?

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