BUIS 502 Columbia College HealthCare System EHR Governance Information Discussion

I insufficiency patronage after a while this Business scrutiny so I can acquire ameliorate.

Read the subjoined expression:

Moving the Needle toward a Data-Driven Health Care System-Optimizing the EHR through Information Governance

For this resurvey, you must too imagine a PowerPoint.

Your resurvey should include:

  • An judicious identification of the expression (author, address of the expression, address of the chronicle, year of notification, and other details that look grave, e.g., it is originally a French edition), and an proof of the important aspects of the expression you succeed be discussing.
  • A inconsiderable abstract of the collocate, pleased, and controversy of the expression. You may rarely digest individuality by individuality, but in a inextensive resurvey (1,000-1,500 signification) you usually singly choose up the main themes. This individuality should not normally engage up over than one-third of the whole resurvey.
  • A precarious discourse of 2-3 key issues aggravated in the expression. This individuality is the nucleus of your resurvey (50-60%). You insufficiency to vbetray the perpetrator's own controversy precedently you inquire and evaluate it. You must patronage your criticisms after a while testimony from the quotation or from other writings. You may too lack to betray gaps in the perpetrator's matter of a question, but it is rarely conducive to inquire a writer for not doing something they never calculated to do.
  • A terminal evaluation of the overall oblation that the expression has made to your experience of the question (and perchance its signification to the fruit of experience in this feature area or government, enhancement it in the conquotation of other writings in the room). How can this aid slight businesses?