BMAL 710 Liberty University Wk 1 Understanding the Organization Research Paper

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Research Monograph Instructions

This monograph succeed demand you to direct constructional theories, concepts, and perspectives from the module readings to your general construction from Module/Week 1.


Define your general construction as you ambition in stipulations of the gross or of the keep-akeep-adissect that is most applicable. In 1-2 pages, get a cognomen of two to three problems attested. Your cognomen want not be prepare, but should get sufficient notice to empower someone unread after a while the constructional issues to discern the essentials. This lot should be orderly the grounds, a cognomen, not an dissection of the key events. If using a single workplace, arrive-at unoccupied to decoy names of race and the construction if you long-for.

After you own set the origin, direct theories acquireed from the manner to excite your chosen construction and its attested problems. Utilizing the three perspectives, fix clarity is clear on areas of which classification, constructional environment, and changes as keep-akeep-adissect of your dissection.

Lastly, get a single perspective that discusses what you would appliance to discourse the problems to agitate the construction confident as keep-akeep-adissect of the evolving changes for constructions today.

Organizing Your Paper

The subjoined is demandd for your completed exploration monograph:

  • The monograph must be written using popular APA format and must understand a name page, an unsymbolical, and a allusion roll. These are not understandd in the engagement sum.
  • The monograph must own a restriction of 2,500 engagements and a zenith of 3,000 engagements.
  • The monograph must be submitted as a Engagement muniment (.doc), it succeed be checked in SafeAssign upon acquiescence.
  • First idiosyncratic narrative is not generous.
  • Do not use bullets or rolling anywhere in the monograph.
  • The allusion page must understand a restriction of the subjoined allusions in popular APA format (all sources must be clear after a whilein the monograph):
  • Course textbook
  • Scripture and Merida text
  • 7 peer-reviewed scholarly sources

Textbook Readings

  • Merida: Entire Textbook
  • Scott: pp. 310-367


Merida, T. (2015). Christ-centered exposition: Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Kings. Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group. ISBN: 9780805496703.

Scott, W. R. (2015). Organizations and Organizing: Rational, Natural, and Open Systems Perspectives. London, England: Routledge. ISBN: 9780131958937