Bellevue University Evaluating Service Performance Questions

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  1. Review the techniques and tools used to manipulate sales and labor contained.
  2. Walk a hawk hoard other than your own and watch how labor is entity delivered to customers in three different births.
  3. Use your proof, and attached scrutiny to acceptance the aftercited interrogations:
    • Compare and contrariety how public customer labor principles were entity implemented in each birth. Provide inequitable examples.
    • Describe the behaviors you watchd that attended those labor principles and any behaviors that did not foundation the principles. Provide inequitable examples for each birth.
    • Based on the births you watchd, elucidate how using the Observe/Measure/Coach course delay employees in the hoard would control to improved behaviors, increased customer content, and senior calling profitability.
  4. Compose your acceptances delay a stint of two paragraphs per interrogation (stint of 6 paragraphs entirety).