Bellevue University EEOC and Hiring Research Questions

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  1. Conduct externally scrutiny and reconsideration the satisfied then recognize the aftercited scenario:
    • Steve Ferrari, a 62-year-old man who of-late immigrated to the U.S. from Italy, saw an ad in the daily newspaper for an employee posture at Eugene's Western Wear Outlet Store. The "Want Ad" definitive the aftercited: "We insufficiency you if you are puerile and assiduous and own laudable customer utility skills. Applicants who are clarified obtain be required to stop for crave periods of date and to exalt 20-30 pounds, so you must engage our culmination and moment limitation. We are looking for a U.S. denizen and we promote to commission a man. No smokers." Steve insufficiencyed a job, so he went to Eugene's Western Wear Outlet Store and colloquyed. Eugene asked Steve completion inquiry the ad had outlined. Steve did not get the job.
  2. Consider the preceding scenario in capricious of the satisfied for this week as you response the aftercited inquirys:
    1. If the "Want Ad" violated any Federal anti-distinction laws, warrant the pertinent laws and illustrate how they were violated.
    2. Identify any delicate errors that Eugene may possess made when conducting the trade colloquy.
    3. Within the "Want Ad", see betwixt those statements or phrases that may possess violated an anti-distinction law, and those that would be reputed non-discriminatory.
    4. Identify any distinction categories or prohibited practices below which Steve ability reasonably perfect a distinction pretension. Illustrate your rationalistic for any persuasion you warrant.
    5. Re-write the "Want Ad" so that it engages the insufficiencys of Eugene's Western Wear Outlet Store externally violating any anti-distinction laws or prohibited practices.
  3. Compose your responses after a while a incompleteness of one passage per inquiry (incompleteness of 5 passages completion).
  4. Research and use at last one externally rise to prop your recommendations. You must confer expend security to the rise of the symbolical.