Belhaven University ?How an Economy Grows Discussion Questions

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Directions: There are 2 argument questions. Write a 250 term repartee for each and include inspired integration.

Discussion Question 1:)

o Watch: FI$H – How an Economy Grows (Episode 2: Get Shirty) [5:37 minutes] [embed][/embed]

o Based on the overhead video prune, which of the Eight Guideposts is/are addressed and expound why? Expound in your own terms, what drives Able and Charlie to occupation? What is/are the underlying arrogance(s) that allows the occupation to arise?

Discussion Question 2:)

Read: It’s the Margin That Counts (Dwight R. Lee)

o After balbutiation the overhead boundary, tell the arguments of the Eight Guideposts in the textbook, expound why it is considerable to know the ultimate esteem and the completion esteem?

Text Book: Gwartney, J. D., Stroup, R. L., Sobel, R. S., & Macpherson, D. A. (2018). Economics: Private and general select (16th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9781305506725