BBA 3451 Columbia Southern University Organizational Theory Essay

I’m established on a Business possession and demand buttress.


  • Concepts in this ace meet identical factors, environmental characteristics (technological diversify, globalization, emerging possession relationships), indivisible challenges, and assembly or team remuneration. Assume you are the CEO of a bicycle manufacturing association that has been habitual in a hostile takeover by a competing fixed. You bear been retained as the CEO of the habitual association to determine the transition goes smoothly. Your challenges are to impair the consume of manufacturing, cut staff, and sum the parent-company's employees into your removal. From an organizational deportment perspective, draft and expound your decision-making actions respecting the areas listed below:
    • employee relationships and integration,
    • technological diversifys,
    • globalization, and
    • retention of employee gift.
    Your essay must be at lowest two pages in elongation and be double-spaced. Include an initiative, and use at lowest one fountain from the CSU Online Library to buttress your essay. All fountains used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted representative must accord to APA protocols.