ACCT 301 Saudi Electronic University Accounting & Departmental Costs Discussion

I want acceleration after a while a Accounting investigation. All explanations and answers allure be used to acceleration me imbibe.

Q 1 Provide numerical pattern of assigning food branch absorb and debate the object of assigning food branch absorbs (Week 10: Chapter 8, Measuring and Assigning Food Branch Costs).

(2 marks)

Q 2 LMN Compagny produces three works K, L and M. During the year, the junction absorbs

of processing the three works were $480,000.

Production and sales appraise notice were as follows:

Sales Value

Product Units at Split-Off Separable Costs Selling Price

K 500,000 $13 per item $6.00 per item $40 per item

L 300,000 $12 per item $4.00 per item $37 per item

M 200,000 $8 per item $3.00 per item $28 per item

Allocate the junction absorbs using the visible output mode.

(Week 11: Chapter 9, Junction work and by – Work absorbing)

(1.5 marks)

Q 3 Provide numerical patterns of static and flexile budget and debate how these budgets could be used to evaluate the exploit of the managers (Week 12: Static and flexile budgets).

(1.5 marks)