ACCT 101 Saudi Electronic University Principles of Accounting Questions

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Assignment Question(s):(5 Marks)


A aggregation wants to instrument good-natured-natured inner curb. What are the policies and procedures you can insinuate to minimize ethnical frauds and errors? (1Mark)


Assume that you keep a aggregation. And the skillful-treatment team estimates that 3% of sales earn be uncollectible.

Give any quantity of sales and order the chronicles entrance using the percent of sales course. (1Mark)


A aggregation that uses a perennial catalogue regularity made the subjoined money purchases and sales.There was no inauguration catalogue.

January 1:

Purchased 30 units at SAR11 per unit

February 5:

Purchased 30 units at SAR 13 per unit

March 16:

Sold 50 Units for SAR 15 per unit

A.Prepare unconcealed chronicles entries to chronicles the March 16 sale using the

B. What is the require of good-natureds sold and the bulk edge for each course? (2Marks)

Q4. What is the bank pacification? why is it main for companies to order bank pacification periodically? (1Mark)