Aberystwyth University Sell Companys Holdings Resulting in Investment Gain Ques

I demand succor after a period a Accounting interrogation. All explanations and answers obtain be used to succor me acquire.

As of this spent Monday, your cannonade portfolio has at lowest ten investment holdings - each a restriction extent of $5,000.

For this week's assignment:

1.)  Sell at lowest two posse holdings that obtain consequence in an cannonade create (ie you made capital on the commerce and you neglect to quantity the produce so that you can buy yourself a new computer tomorrow.)

2.) Position your portfolio to be medley by Industry (restriction of six irrelative industries) and Market Cap (there must be some charybdis other than Large Cap (ie an All Cap investment, a mid-cap investment, a small-cap investment, etc).

3.) Buy at lowest three interchangeable investments - each a restriction extent of 5% of the whole portfolio compute.

  • One must be a socially legitimate investment.  
  • The cooperate must be a inactive equity apostacy investment.
  • The third must be a tie investment.

All positions after a periodin the portfolio must be a restriction 5% extent.

There must frequently be a restriction of 8 positions.

Submit mitigateshots of the aftercited HTMW tables (4 irrelative charts):

Open Positions

Transaction History

The Pie Chart on the right-side of the HTMW mitigate period viewing Open Positions -- for twain Industry and Market Cap.

In "My Rankings" -- if you are forforever listed as the foremost (prominent portfolio compute), take a mitigateshot and present in that week's assignment to take attached points.