Los Angeles Pierce College Importance of Genetic Rescue Questions

Need aid after a while my Biology doubt - I’m studying for my adjust.

Nee two doubts or the word. the aftercited direction is as follow:

After we own discussed Frankham et al., procure your thoughts near in a ~2 stipulation vindication.

These are examples of issues you dominion include in your vindication:

What is genetic extricate and why dominion it be momentous? (p. 27)

What is reciprocal monophyly and how does it report to shared alleles? (p. 28)

What is the dissimilarity among outbreeding depression and inbreeding depression? (apprehend environing Fig. 1)

How dominion the proceeds of reproductive isolation and outbreeding depression contend in slender populations aggravate the manner of proportionately few generations? (p. 28-29)

What species concepts do these authors confide using (or not) when because slender threatened populations and why? (p. 30)