ENT 101 UCD Life Cycle and Entomology of the Blue Carpenter Bees Discussion Paper

I’m studying for my Zoology class and insufficiency an explication.

Topic: Blue-colored carpenter bees

1. Factual Satisfied Epitome a 1 page epitome of the notice included concurrently delay citations (required at lowest 3) to stay the exactness of the satisfied. (Single spaced 12 point font). At lowest 1 must by from peer-reviewed attainment.

2. Each portion must experience 2-3 noticeal creed on Carpenter Bees and transcribe a epitome.

3. Try to transcribe incongruous notice environing the bees from what others wrote, so we bear a diversity of topics relative-to the blue-colored-colored carpenter bees:)! Topic examples: Feeding patterns, Life cycle, Environmental consequence, Nesting, etc…